A Creative Agency in Harare Zimbabwe, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town South Africa, Rebel Media Guys pushes boundaries in the creative process to create quality crafted content for Brands, corporates, events and travel and tourism from idea to implementation.

noun: rebel; plural noun: rebels
-a person who resists authority, control, or convention.
synonyms:nonconformist, dissenter, dissident, iconoclast, maverick;
Ryan has been in the photography industry for 10 Years! and formed Rebel Media Guys 7 years ago for the specific photography and video content creation for experiential events and corporate photos. Over the last seven years, Rebel Media Guys has shot for some of the bigger events and brands across South Africa. From Red Bull, Coca Cola, South African Breweries, ISUZU, MTN, Discovery, Investec, Algoa Fm, Red Cherry Adventures, Exceptional Events and Inspiration Events to brands such as Jack Daniels, SOCO and El Jimador Tequila. Some of our top events include Outlaw Events, Rocking The Daisies, Plett Rage, Jbay Rage, Jbay Rocks, Discovery Fest and Truck & Vine Fest.
We are in the business of making #memoriesthatmatter
The possibilities for branded storytelling today are limitless, and advertisers mustn’t become fenced in by the current digital landscape. Instead, the industry needs to get back to the root of advertising – telling great stories.
In 2013 after establishing himself in the experiential events industry, with making his mark in the industry as an influential creative, Rebel Media Guys was born. Ryan quickly established himself as one of the top Experiential Events photographers along the East Coast, and saw major national Brands collaborating with Rebel Media Guys.
Collaboration is key in creating relevant, differentiated campaigns capable of reaching consumers across the entire ecosystem.
Fast forward to today, Rebel Media Guys have evolved, growing with the prevalent changes in the creative and social media industry to become a Brand Creative Agency, creating quality crafted content for Brands through photography, film, media and design. From idea generation to concept, implementation, content creation, content management, marketing and analysis.
The creative space is always changing, and I am excited to embrace and challenge the change in the industry at the same time. Brand Story telling is our passion, and pushing boundaries to make a Brands campaign unforgettable is what sets us apart in the Industry – Ryan


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