Losing Dignity – Zimbabwean Pensioners

Cry Our Beloved Country

Documentary Photography
Client: Zimbabwe Pensioners Support Fund
Location: Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

The generation that built Zimbabwe;  doctors, lawyers, engineers and teachers, yes, but mainly ordinary working class people who have had their pensions, their life savings, their wealth and their dignity eroded and reduced to nothing through hyperinflation and economic hardship. The generations that built our country have been left with nothing and will not survive without charity. We have to act now, sooner than later.

Having followed the ZPSF for a week documenting the plight of the pensioners in Zimbabwe, the economic struggles and financial strains put on the pensioners is even more prevalent. These are just some images of some pensioners across Zimbabwe, each with a unique story, brought about by many political reforms, leaving many destitute, alone and just looking for love. Imagine spending your whole life,  to in your old age get less than a ZW$2000 pension, and then later, get six zeros cut from your income. The people who have had it the worst from these political reforms, are our pensioners. Generations who built a country, but knew little about how to duck and dive, survive now in a country of zeros. After investing years, in careers and lives, in pensions and investment schemes, saving for retirement, only to lose everything.

Their wealth, their pensions and their dignity almost overnight. After years of saving In the land of Zimbabwe, with the Hundred Trillion dollar note, not so much, banks collapsed and they became porpors overnight.



Source Zimbabwe Pensioners Support Fund Old Legs Tour
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