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Prime Circle Live In Harare.

THIS WAS PRIME! Our last gig of the year, flying into Zimbabwe to start the festive season, was PRIME! Prime Circle Live in Harare, brought to you by Ngoma NeHosho With Walter Wanyanya supported by Josh Ansley and EVICTED Thank…

Our Pensioners – Our Zimbabwe

The people endured an era of farm invasions, only to have their savings and pensions wiped out in 2000. They have been left destitute and reliant on outside support, some living in servants quarters to survive, most facing illness, but all…

Unite To Fight – The Global Fund

We were so stoked to be involved in the last minute production of this call to action by The Global Fund in Zimbabwe during the Covid 19 Pandemic. With less than 2 weeks of planning, endless paperwork and meetings with stakeholders, our…

Kevin & Jessi Rayne

Kevin & Jessi Rayne Snyman wedding shot in Harare Zimbabwe MUSIC: If I Lose Myself (OneRepublic vs. Alesso Remix) OneRepublic, Alesso VIDEO: Sasha Kalawangoma Ryan Moss