Unite To Fight – The Global Fund

#HIV #UniteToFight

We were so stoked to be involved in the last minute production of this call to action by The Global Fund in Zimbabwe during the Covid 19 Pandemic. With less than 2 weeks of planning, endless paperwork and meetings with stakeholders, our team in Zimbabwe pulled of a big win.

When 17-year-old Melissa’s school closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic she was cut off from her studies and had to work to help support her family. Due to school closures and lockdown measures, adolescent girls and young women like Melissa face increased barriers to access health services and are further at risk of gender-based violence, early pregnancy and contracting #HIV. #UniteToFight


Client: Rooftop / The Global Fund
Location: Umguza – Zimbabwe
On the Ground Production: Rebel Media Guys
Videography: Ryan Moss / Sasha Kalawangoma
Photography: Gary de Jong

Source The Global Fund The Global Fund Facebook
Via Rooftop Productions
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